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What is this workshop about?
Quadrotor is a remotely piloted aircraft finding major applications in research, law enforcement, and commercial purposes. The simple four rotor design of quadrotors is easy to work with and modify, allowing engineers to find better applications each day.


What is this workshop about?
By attending this workshop, you will learn to develop a drone with an autopilot system that can autonomously fly a programmed route and perform various maneuvers programmatically. The drone that you develop will have a GPS, autopilot system and live transmission to the ground station. Understanding this technology is very essential for various applications like aerial photogrammetry, 3D mapping, multispectral imaging etc.


What is this workshop about?
An Ornithopter (from Greek Ornithos "bird" and Petron "wing"), a bio-mimicry of birds, bats and insects, is an aircraft that flies by using the same mechanism as birds: flapping its wings instead of using engines for propulsion like most of the modern day aerodynamic models.

RC Aircraft

What is this Workshop about?
Ever wondered how it feels to design your own aircraft and see it soar into the sky? Then Take a Break and come to RC Aircraft Workshop. This workshop by UEM Aeromodelling club gives you an opportunity to understand the theory behind the functioning of aircraft and aircraft design.

Flying Wing

What is this workshop about?
A flying wing is an aircraft which has no definite fuselage, with most of the crew, payload and equipment being housed inside the main wing structure. From the top, a flying wing looks like a chevron, with the wings constituting its outer edges and the front middle serving as the cockpit or pilot’s seat.


What is this workshop about?
A hovercraft, also called an air-cushion vehicle, ACV, it is capable of climbing at an elevated height over rough terrain. They can also move on land, ice, and water. They are supported by a cushion of slow moving, high-pressure air which is ejected against the surface below and contained within a "skirt". Hovercraft's are used in rescue, military, commercial and recreational operations.

Workshop Already done

UEM Jaipur Aeromodelling Club successfully conducted the workshop on “Design of Quadcopter” today for 241 participants at the University of Engineering & Management (𝐔𝐄𝐌), 𝐉𝐀𝐈𝐏𝐔𝐑 conducted by its founding member and alumni of the University, Mr. Hamid Raja Siddiqui. Thanks to all teachers and student Club members for making it a great success.

In this workshop complete information is distributed about the drone’s , How to build it, what parts are required to build the the drone, what are the future scope of the drones, what we can do with the drone  and many more topic has been discuss.  

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"UEM Aeromodelling club is the profound club under university of enginnering and management known to do exciting projects in the field of aviation, Its great to get indulge with them - Trainer, Skyfi Labs"
Dinesh Kumar Elumalai
"UEM Aeromodelling Club Creates great opportunity to build innovative projects and organize very informative hands on workshop to enhance skills of student - Convenor, INSTITUTION`S INNOVATION COUNCIL"
Dr. Anurag Hamilton