Autopilot Workshop

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Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.

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Classroom workshop on Autopilot

Excellent classroom lecture, design, fabricatiion and testing on the topic given below by the expert:

  • Multirotor Vehicles Introduction
  • Understanding rotary-wing aircraft and their dynamics
  • Design of the Structure
  • Stability & Control of Drones
  • Algorithm of the autopilot control systems.
1-to-1 doubt clarification with experts.

At ₹ 1999 Onwards

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What is this workshop about?
By attending this workshop, you will learn to develop a drone with an autopilot system that can autonomously fly a programmed route and perform various maneuvers programmatically. The drone that you develop will have a GPS, autopilot system and live transmission to the ground station. Understanding this technology is very essential for various applications like aerial photogrammetry, 3D mapping, multispectral imaging etc.
This workshop introduces you to the technologies involved in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the techniques involved in making a working autonomous drone. You will practically understand the basics of Quadcopter design, electronics involved, sensors, navigation, communication systems and autopilot system.
Course Structure:
1. Lecture
2. Design
3. Fabrication
4. Testing
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)
Workshop Kits:
  1. All the kits for the workshop will be given to you during fabrication process of quadcopter.
  2. If any of the participants want to take away the kit he/she have to pay the amount given below:

    RS 20,000

Course Highlights

  1. Introduction to UAVs, History, classifications
  2. Introduction to design and development of Multi Rotor Vehicles
  3. Autopilot Systems, GPS and Telemetry
  4. DC Motors, ESCs and Power Systems
  5. Mission Planner Software
  6. Calibration and Testing of the developed Quadcopter Planning Flight Path
  7. Performing various maneuvers with Autopilot

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session – 4 hrs
  • Design Session – 1 hr
  • Fabrication Session – 6 hrs
  • Calibration Session – 1 hr
  • Testing Session all drones designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team Roboversity- 3 hrs
  • Certificate Distribution – 1 hr