Ornithopter Workshop

The helicopter has never achieved much success and … may be classes with the ornithopter as obsolete.

Oliver Stewart

Classroom workshop on ornithopter

Excellent classroom lecture, design, fabricatiion and testing on the topic given below by the expert:

  • Flapping wing Vehicles Introduction
  • Understanding Flapping-wing and their dynamics
  • Design of the Structure
  • Stability & Control of ornithopter
  • Mechanism of the control systems,
1-to-1 doubt clarification with experts.

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What is this workshop about?
An Ornithopter (from Greek Ornithos “bird” and Petron “wing”), a bio-mimicry of birds, bats and insects, is an aircraft that flies by using the same mechanism as birds: flapping its wings instead of using engines for propulsion like most of the modern day aerodynamic models.
This workshop encompasses all the concepts and principles involved in the aerodynamics of an Ornithopter. The workshop provides a complete learning experience to the participants.
Course Structure:
1. Lecture
2. Design
3. Fabrication
4. Testing
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)
Workshop Kits:
  1. All the kits for the workshop will be given to you during fabrication process of quadcopter.
  2. If any of the participants want to take away the kit he/she have to pay the amount given below:

    RS 9000

Course Highlights

  1. Basics of Aerodynamics and flapping-wing flight.
  2. History of Ornithopters
  3. Types of flapping-wing aircraft.
  4. Understanding the mechanisms involved in design of flapping-wing flight.
  5. Theory behind designing a Radio Controlled Ornithopter.
  6. Design, fabricate and test own motor-powered Ornithopter from scratch

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session – 4 hrs
  • Design Session – 1 hr
  • Fabrication Session – 6 hrs
  • Calibration Session – 1 hr
  • Testing Session all drones designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team Roboversity- 3 hrs
  • Certificate Distribution – 1 hr